Hello, I’m Laura Bîrzan


I studied physics as an undergraduate at the University of Bucharest and did my PhD studies at Ohio University with Brian McNamara. I've since completed postdocs at Pennsylvania State University and Leiden University.

I'm currently a postdoc at Hamburger Sternwarte (Hamburg Observatory) at the Universty of Hamburg, working on radio and X-ray data of clusters of galaxies.


Address Hamburger Sternwarte
Gojenbergsweg 112
21029 Hamburg
Telephone 040/42838-8524
E-Mail lbirzan@hs.uni-hamburg.de

Research Interests

AGN Feedback

I use sensitive, low-frequency LOFAR radio observations and Chandra X-ray data to study radio-mode (known also as maintenance-mode or jet-mode) AGN feedback using samples of nearby galaxy clusters.

Pulsar Wind Nebulae

I use Chandra X-ray data to study pulsar wind nebulae (PWNe).


  • Galaxy formation: star formation history, AGN population
  • Higher redshift and/or low luminosity galaxy clusters
  • Radio source population at higher redshifts: luminosity function, dichotomy
  • Radio interferometry reduction strategies

Recent papers and talks

  • L. Birzan, G. G. Pavlov & O. Kargaltsev, “Chandra Observations of the Elusive Pulsar Wind Nebula around PSR B0656+14”, ApJ, in press (2016), arXiv:1511.03846
  • L. Bîrzan, D. A. Rafferty & M. Brüggen, “An overview of AGN Feedback and the Prospects for Studying its Cosmic Evolution with LOFAR”, IAUS, 313 (2015) 251
  • “Jet-mode AGN Feedback (LOFAR Prospects)”, invited talk, ICTS meeting “Extragalactic Relativistic Jets: Cause and Effects”, 12-20 October, 2015, Bangalore, India
  • “Towards an Understanding of Jet-Mode AGN Feedback at Higher Redshifts”, invited talk, IAUGA meeting, Division D, August 2015, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA
  • “An Overview of Jet-Mode AGN Feedback and the Prospects for Studying its Cosmic Evolution with LOFAR”, invited talk, IAUS meeting, 313, September 2014, Galapagos Islands, Ecuador
My publications (ADS)

Ongoing Projects

  • Studying AGN Feedback in the most luminous higher redshift sample: Results from the SZ South Pole Telescope sample, in collaboration with David Rafferty (Hamburg Observatory, X-ray reduction), Huib Intema (Leiden Observatory, GMRT observations) and Marcus Brüggen (Hamburg Observatory).
  • AGN Feedback in lower luminosity clusters: Prospects for Studying its Cosmic Evolution with LOFAR using deep-field data, e.g, NEP, COSMOS, XMM/LSS (PI: Phillip Best, Edinburg University) in collaboration with the LOFAR software development team for facet calibration reduction.