A vpguess example


Here is a real-life example of an absorption system that was fit with vpguess/VPFIT. The white histograms show the data. The different panels each show a different data chunk, each of which covers a different ion or transition. These are indicated above the panels. The smooth red line is the fitted model of the system. The positions of the individual absorption lines are indicated by the tick marks above the spectra. The crosses and circles on some of the tick marks indicate "tied" parameters. The white lines near zero flux are the error arrays and the blue lines above the spectra show the residuals of the fit. The straight yellow lines above the spectra mark the spectral regions that were included in the fit. Finally, the zero flux and continuum levels are indicated by the cyan dashed lines (in this case the spectra were already normalised, so the continuum level is 1 everywhere).

Joe Liske