Currently, we offer student research projects on

1. Modelling of galactic outflows based on this paper by Krumholz et al. (2017). It will make use of the public domain code DESPOTIC and 

2. Modelling of radio galaxies in the Universe and comparison to LOFAR and NVSS surveys. The models build, e.g., on these papers

Luo & Sadler (2010)


Sirothia et al. (2009) 

3. Machine learning for automatic classification of astronomical imaging data


All projects can be done on a Bachelor or Masters level.


Moreover, we offer Bachelor and Masters theses on the following topics

  • AGN and galactic outflows
  • LOFAR surveys
  • Cosmic-ray acceleration and simulation
  • X-ray observations of galaxy clusters
  • Study of the properties of Dark Matter with galaxy clusters