Instructor of Record: Prof. Dr. Marcus Brüggen

When? Thu 11:15-12.45, Tue 14:00-14:45 Examples Class Tue 14:45 (by Dr. Jarkko Laine)

Where? SemRm 4 (Thu) and SemRm6 (Tue)

grade is based on (i) a single one-hour written exam held at the end of the course (100%) and (ii) homework (pass/fail per sheet) (20%). Full marks can be achieved with the exam. The homework can yield up to 20% bonus points.

This course gives an elementary introduction to the theoretical and observational foundations of modern cosmology. It covers the various strands of evidence for our current cosmological model and our understanding of how structure formed in the universe. Much of the material will be presented on a blackboard which means that attendance is strongly recommended. The lecture will be held in English. There will be an emphasis on solving problems and the course will conclude with a written exam.

A. Liddle: Introduction to Modern Cosmology
             P. Schneider: Extragalactic Astronomy and Cosmology: An Introduction
Lecture Notes (excerpt):
Problem sheets

Problem sheet 1  due 16. April

    Problem sheet 2  due 23. April

    Problem sheet 3  due 30. April

    Problem sheet 4  due 7. May

    Problem Sheet 5  due 21. May

    Problem sheet 6  due 4. June   
    Problem sheet 7  due 18. June
    Problem sheet 8 due 25. June
     Test exam
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