Scientific Software in /hsopt

This directory is mounted on Ubuntu 18 hosts.
Instructions for using installed software is given in alphabetic order. Further software can be added by the IT team (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) on demand.


The Astronomical Image Processing System AIPS is a software package for calibration, data analysis, image display, plotting, and a variety of ancillary tasks on Astronomical Data. It comes from the National Radio Astronomy Observatory. It is primarily for Radio Astronomy. There are a manual AIPS Cookbook and FAQ (answers to Frequently Asked Questions) available.

To use AIPS at the Hamburger Sternwarte you require an AIPS User number and reserved disk space allocated. Contact Dieter Engels.


The free Python distribution Anaconda includes many popular Python packages. Anaconda also features Jupyter notebooks, which allow you to run Python from graphical notebooks via a web browser on local or remote hosts.

You can activate Anaconda with the following command:

  source /hsopt/anaconda3/base.env

Adding packages to the Anaconda installation requires administrator privileges. However, you can create your own environment with any specific packages you like, for example

  conda create -n yt -c conda-forge yt

to create an environment called yt with the package yt installed from the conda-forge channel. You can also use pip and install from source in your environment. See the conda user guide for further information.


Chandra interactive analysis of observations, see

Software is activated with

  source /hsopt/ciao/bin/ciao.bash


Common Astronomy Software Applications package, see Libraries and tools e.g. for LOFAR software can be installed locally on particular hosts on request.

To use the CASA program you need to add its binary directory to the path:

  export PATH="/hsopt/casa/bin:$PATH"


The DS9 FITS viewer (64bit version) can be started via:



This is the software for the eRosita X-ray mission. To initialize the eSASS environment, please call

  source /hsopt/eSASS/sw/eSASSusers_191120/bin/


GILDAS, the "Grenoble Image and Line Data Analysis Software", is a collection of software developped by the Observatoire de Grenoble and IRAM, oriented towards radioastronomical applications in the mm- and submm-range.

To use GILDAS software make the setup as described in /hsopt/gildas/Readme. Manuals are available from the GILDAS homepage.


HEASOFT is the generalized term for the full set of software distributed from the HEASARC, incorporating all of the newly-developed software in the HEADAS environment (e.g. Swift) as well as all of the legacy HEASARC software (FTOOLS, XANADU, XSTAR, etc.). To set up the HEADAS environment, use:

      export HEADAS=/hsopt/headas
      . $HEADAS/


Newest installed versions are IDL 8.7 and ENVI 5.5. Floating licences are provided by the RRZ.

Before starting IDL/ENVI you need to source the startup scripts:

  . /hsopt/idl/idl/bin/idl_setup.bash

  . /hsopt/idl/envi/bin/envi_setup.bash


IRAF requires i386 libraries which are not installed by default. Contact support to get your computer set up for IRAF. To start IRAF, use:


Likwid tools

Suite of performance tools developed by the HPC group of RRZE, see To use the tools, you need to add the binary directory to the path::

  export PATH="/hsopt/likwid/bin:$PATH"


Munich Image Data Analysis System. Like IRAF, only different. To start, use the command inmidas.

In case of display issues (black display window)  Grafikfenster) it may help to put the following line into $HOME/midwork/login.prg
ini/dis ? ? ? ? RGBQ


An auxiliary software for AIPS.


Vektor plotting library for C und Fortran. For help see online manual. To compile a C program:

gcc -I/hsopt/pgplot -c programm.c
g77 -O -o progamm programm.o -L/hsopt/pgplot -L/usr/X11R6/lib -lcpgplot -lpgplot -lX11
or for Tk/Tcl:
g77 -o programm programm.o -L/hsopt/pgplot -ltkpgplot -lcpgplot -lpgplot -L/usr/lib -ltk8.4 -ltcl8.4 -L/usr/X11R6/lib -lX11 -ldl

To start a PGPLOT program, /usr/local/hssoft/pgplot has to be in the environment variable LD_LIBRARY_PATH, and the environment variable PGPLOT_DIR=/usr/local/hssoft/pgplot needs to be set:

export PGPLOT_DIR=/hsopt/pgplot
export LD_LIBRARY_PATH="/hsopt/pgplot:$LD_LIBRARY_PATH"

or (csh)

setenv PGPLOT_DIR /hsopt/pgplot
setenv LD_LIBRARY_PATH "/hsopt/pgplot:$LD_LIBRARY_PATH"


Sourcetrail is a source explorer that lets you visualize the unfamiliar source code by using graph visualization (see Execute the script


to start sourcetrail.


The control software for the KRT3 radio telescope.


Valgrind is an open source tool for code analysis and debugging (see To use valgrind, you need to add the binary directory to the path:

  export PATH="/hsopt/valgrind/bin:$PATH"