Kleines Radioteleskop 3.0 m (KRT3)

KRT3 Main BuildingThe Small Radio Telescope KRT3 is operational at Hamburger Sternwarte since spring  2011. The instrument is equipped with a parabolic dish of 3 m diameter and with a digital receiver for a wavelength of 21 cm (1400 MHz). With KRT3, the continuum of bright radio sources and the 21cm line of atomic hydrogen can be observed.
The telescope was developed at MIT Haystack Observatory and was purchased as construction kit from CASSI Corp.
KRT3 is used at the Sternwarte as lab exercise for the Praktikum für Fortgeschrittene (PHY-FP), a module of the physics curriculum, for Schüler/innen-Ferienkurse addressing high-school students from the Metropolregion Hamburg, and for public outreach, as on Open Days or the Long Night of the Sciences.