User Guide

To access computers of the Observatory, a personal account at the Regional Computing Center (RRZ) of the University is mandatory (the only exceptions are local accounts on notebooks or computers with Mac OS X). Students, employees, and professors automatically obtain an account with enrollement or employment by the University. Only scholars and other persons have to apply for a new account (please don't forget to specify "Sternwarte" as organizational unit and to print out and sign the confirmation form at the end).
You also obtain an e-mail account (<firstname.surname> from the University. To forward e-mails to any other account (e.g. e-mail account at the Observatory), you can login at, select the Filters tab, click Forward and type the target e-mail address (don't forget to save).

Register as a member of the Observatory

To obtain a home directory, an e-mail account with address <firstname.surname>, and a personal webpage at the Observatory, you need to send the following information to the IT team (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.):

  • your complete name
  • your username (see above)
  • your status (Bachelor student / Master student / PhD student / employee or postdoc / professor).
The e-mail address provided by the Observatory is automatically added to the mailing lists all (alle members of the Observatory) and science (scientific staff) as well as social if you wish.
It is possible to forward e-mails to your University e-mail account by creating a .forward file in your home direcotry and adding <firstname.surname> as target address.

Change password

You can change your password via the web portal
  • Personal accounts: You need to login with your username starting with 'b' (three characters followed by four digits). For users who joined the University of Hamburg before 2017, this username is different from the username (e.g. starting with 'st') for logging into computers. However, if the password is reset, the new password will apply to both usernames. In case you have forgotten your password, please approach one of the professors or W. Schmidt to obtain a temporary password. Then you can set a new password via
  • To change the password of a project account go to


For guests, a temporary WiFi access for up to two weeks can be requested by the host from the RRZ (ready within a few days).
If a guest is going to stay longer than two weeks or requires access to computers at the Observatory, he/she must apply for a personal account from the University of Hamburg. This should be done several weeks in advance.