Presentation of contemporary research

The observatory is often only noticed for its historic beauty although it is far more than that. Since just about a century it is a place of research. Currently, there are five groups working at the observatory who all would like to present and explain their current research. Topics encompass:
  1. Observation of extrasolar planets, active and young stars,

  2. Development and construction of detectors,

  3. Radio astronomy, dynamic of galaxy clusters, cosmology,

  4. Simulation of stellar and planetary atmospheres, novae, supernovae,

  5. Simulation of stellar and planetary formation, magnetic field in the interstellar medium.

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Exhibitions and guided tours


In addition to a look at contemporary science, there are many more things to discover. Among this are the beautiful library, the historic photo plate archive, our workshop, the computer clusters and the telescope buildings, of course. Traditionally, amateur astronomers contribute to the event and allow a view through their instruments.

In order to provide an even broader view, we offer guided tours, starting in front of the building of the Grosser-Refraktor-telescope. A plan on these tours will be made available soon.