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In the Media and Outreach

Der Himmel von Morgen: die neuen Superteleskope,
Planetarium Hamburg, 21 Feb 2020

Faszination Planeten,
Einführung zum Universitätskonzert, Laeiszhalle, 02 Feb 2020

„Wie kann man davon nicht begeistert sein?“,
Interview, 29 Jan 2020

Haben Schwarze Löcher wirklich keine Haare?,
Wir wollen's wissen, 21-23 Jan 2020

Der Nobelpreis für Physik 2019,
Event of the Studienstiftung des Deutschen Volkes, Bucerius Law School, 04 Dec 2019

Der Himmel von morgen: die Superteleskope der Zukunft,
Planetarium am Insulaner Berlin, 25 Sep 2019

Geldsegen für die Sternwarte auf dem Gojenberg,
Bergedorfer Zeitung, 26 Jul 2019

Wie Hamburg nach den Sternen griff,
Sommer des Wissens, Hamburg, 21 Jun 2019

Revolution am Himmel - Die neuen Superteleskope,
DFG exkurs, Munich, 26 Mar 2019

Der Himmel von morgen: die neuen Superteleskope,
Hamburger Sternwarte, 20 Mar 2019

Alles in Echt-Zeit!,
forschung 3/2018, 15 Oct 2018



Conference Proceedings

EELT-HIRES the high-resolution spectrograph for the E-ELT,
A. Marconi et al. (incl J. Liske), 2016, in "Ground-based and Airborne Instrumentation for Astronomy VI", Proceedings of the SPIE, 9908, 23, ?, eds.

The Wide Area VISTA Extra-Galactic Survey (WAVES),
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Cosmological Dynamics: a Direct Measurement of the Expansion History of the Universe with the E-ELT,
J. Liske, 2011, in "Particle Physics and Cosmology – First results from the LHC", Proceedings of the XXIInd Rencontres de Blois (Blois, 15-20 July 2010), 123, L. Celnikier, J. Dumarchez, B. Klima, J. Tran Thanh Van, eds.

ESO Future Facilities to Probe Fundamental Physical Constants,
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Technical publications

Top Level Requirements for ELT-HIRES,
J. Liske (editor and co-author) et al., 2014, ESO publication ESO-204697

Top Level Requirements for ELT-CAM,
J. Liske (editor and co-author) et al., 2013, ESO publication ESO-193104

The E-ELT Design Reference Mission,
J. Liske (editor and co-author) et al., 2011, ESO publication E-TRE-ESO-080-0717

The E-ELT Design Reference Science Plan,
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CODEX Phase A Executive Summary,
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CODEX Phase A Science Case,
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OWL Instrument Concept Study: COsmic Dynamics EXperiment (CODEX),
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Automated detection and analysis of object motion in CCD sky images,
M. Ashley, J. Liske, C. Bembrick, B. Carter, P. Mitchell, 1996, UNSW, project report for Lockheed Engineering & Sciences Company.



Cosmology with the Lyman Alpha Forest,
J. Liske, 2000, Ph.D. thesis, University of New South Wales.

Large Scale Structure in the Lyman Alpha Forest,
J. Liske, 1997, Diplom (~MSc) thesis, University of Bonn.



Alles in Echt-Zeit!,
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