Astronomy workshops

The Astronomy workshops held at the Hamburg Observatory offer a big range of astronomical subjects, such as The sun, Modern astrophysics, Our solar system, Gravitation, Telescopes, Spectroscopy or Astronautics for pupils of different ages (8 to 20 years).
During the workshops the pupils have the opportunity to perform real experiments and to work with astronomical images and data. Surrounded by the historical instruments and architecture of the Hamburg Observatory they get an insight into both the history of astronomy and modern astrophysical research.
The project is organized by the Hamburg Ministry of Schools and Vocational training (BSB) in co-operation with the Hamburg Observatory and aims, along with the astrophysical and historical knowledge, at presenting astronomy as a part of physics studies at university.
The workshops can be booked in groups at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..