Cosmological simulations

We design, run and analyze routinely large cosmological simulations in order to study how cosmic structure evolves over cosmic epochs. We include all most important processes that drives the evolution of baryons (radiative cooling, star formation, feedback from active galactic nuclei and galactic winds) and that contribute to the growth of non-thermal energy (magnetic fields, cosmic rays and turbulence).

For information on running projects and possible thesis projects, contact me.

An overview of our latest and most important projects is given HERE.

Our code of reference is the ENZO cosmological grid code, that we customised with original routines and algorithm, and used to produce the largest simulations to-date of non-thermal processes in cosmology.

Some of our most important lines of research includes

  • the acceleration of cosmic rays (electrons and protons) by cosmological shocks;
  • the amplification and seeding of magnetic fields in large-scale structures  ;
  • the detectability of the cosmic web at radio wavelength, with existing and future radio telescopes



 Where does gas in radio relics come (work by D. Wittor)




More videos illustrating our cosmological simulations can be found HERE.