Astrophysical Turbulence

Computational Tools

Massively parallelized simulations of compressible turbulent flows in astrophysics are performed, for example, with the following adaptive mesh refinement codes:

A comparision between Enzo and Nyx is presented in Schmidt et al. 2015, Astronomy & Computing 9.


A great tool for postprocessing and visualization is the Python package yt. It was originally developed by Matt Turk and is now shared by a large community of users and developers. yt supports several different data formats, including HDF5 and BoxLib, and can be easily operated through IPython notebooks, even on remote machines.


iso010Ma050it 0088 VortNorm volren bright s


Enzo simulation of isothermal supersonic turbulence driven by stochastic forcing
(from Wolfram Schmidt, Numerical Modelling of Astrophysical Turbulence)