Using Your E-Mail Account

Once you are in the user database of the Observatory, you will obtain an e-mail address of the form and an alias with only the first letter of your given name followed by your last name without a dot in between. On request, other aliases may be provided.


Mailing Lists

Your e-mail address wil be automatically added to the mailing lists all [] (all staff) and science [] (scientists).


There is also a list social [] for lunch menus and social events. If you want to be on this list, send an e-mail to minimalist with the subject subscribe.


How to access your mail

You can either use our webmail interface or an mail client of your choice (e.g. Thunderbird, Sylpheed, or Evolution) with the following configuration:


Mail server
Username and password your UHH account
SSL on
IMAP port 993
POP3 port 995


Since the webmail interface is an IMAP client, it is recommended to use an IMAP configuration for other clients too.


Sending mail

To send e-mails from a computer that is not part of our local network (e.g. notebook connected via WLAN or your smartphone), you need to configure your mail client with the following settings:


Port 465 or 587



If you wish to forward your mail to another account, you can do so by creating the file .forward in your home directory. The only content of this file should be the address you want to forward your mail to.



If you would like to filter mail you receive, you can do so by forwarding it to the procmail program. In this case, ~/.forward should contain the line "|/usr/bin/procmail" (including the quotes). Rules for filtering can be define in the file ~/.procmailrc (many examples can found on the web).


Example .procmailrc file


# directory for mailboxes
# move spam to the mailbox 'spambox'
* ^X-Spam-Flag:.*YES.*
# any remaining mail will automatically go to your inbox