Extragalactic Astrophysics

Instructor of Record: Prof. Dr. Marcus Brüggen

When? Mo 12.15-13.45, Tue 12.30-13.15

Where? SemRm3

grade is based on (i) a single one-hour written exam held at the end of the course (100%) and (ii) homework (pass/fail per sheet) (20%). Full marks can be achieved with the exam. The homework can yield up to 20% bonus points.

This course gives an elementary introduction to astrophysics on the scales of galaxies and beyond. Much of the material will be presented on a blackboard which means that attendance is strongly recommended. The lecture will be held in English. There will be an emphasis on solving problems and the course will conclude with a written exam.

P. Schneider: Extragalactic Astronomy and Cosmology: An Introduction
            S. Rosswog, M. Brüggen: Introduction to High-Energy Astrophysics
Lecture Notes (excerpt):
Script Scan
Galaxies (slides from Wolfram Schmidt) pdf
Galaxy Clusters: Cluster slides
Problem sheets

 Problem Sheet 1
 due 25.4.2016
 Problem Sheet 2 due 3.5.2016
Problem Sheet 3  due 24.5.2016
Problem Sheet  4  due 31.5.2016
Problem Sheet 5 due 7.6.2016
Problem Sheet6 due 14.6.2016
Problem Sheet7 due 21.6.2016