The Oskar-Lühning-Teleskop, which was taken into service at 1975, is one of Germanys largest telescopes. It is a Ritchey-Chretien-System, with a 1.20m opening and a focal distance of 15.60m in Cassegrain-Focus. The dome and mounting are from 1954 and were originally built for the Large Schmidt Mirror of Hamburg that was later transferred to Spain.
In 2000 the telescope was overhauled and fitted with a CCD-Camera.The camera is fitted with a SITe 1024x1024 CCD-Chip with a pixel size of 24 micrometers. The field of view has a size of 5.4'x5.4' and a resolution of 0.32"/pixel. Standard Johnson-filter in B, V and R, as well as a narrow band filter at 6565 Angström (H-Alpha) enable photometry in several wavelength ranges. The operation of the telescope was adapted to modern requirements by a new controller program. Currently it enables the operation of the telescope at local computers at the observatory. A remote operation is planned.The telescope is used for education and for small observation programmes since 2001. In 2003 the remotely controlled operation was improved by acquiring a cloud monitor.

Operating Manual Oskar-Lühning-Teleskop

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