The service team is responsible for all general, collegiate and administrative questions. Below, please, find the contact persons in case you have any problems or questions.

Angelika Kleinoth (general management)
Hauptgebäude, R. 009, Tel. 040/42838-8515
Astrid Völckers (general information, secretariat)
Hauptgebäude, R.001/002, Tel. 040/42838-8511/8512
Wiebke Främcke (general information, secretariat)
Hauptgebäude, R. 001/002, Tel. 040/42838-8512
Eduard Stankiewicz (property management)
Tel. 040/42838-8550
Viktor Dumrauf (property management)
Anke Vollersen (library)
Bibliothek, Hauptgebäude, R. 004, Tel. 040/42838-8516
Anette Müller (technical assistance)
Laborgebäude, R. 006a, Tel. 040/42838-8543





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