Theoretical Astrophysics: Star formation and Magnetohydrodynamics

Our theoretical astrophysics group is working on different research topics mainly focusing on subjects related to star formation and magneto-hydronamics (MHD). A large fraction of our research is based on numerical simulations with the FLASH code, an adaptive mesh refinement (AMR) integrator of the three dimensional coupled magneto-hydrodynamic equations. We are constantly improving our simulation software by including new physical modules (e.g. radiation transfer) and by accelerating the numerical computations with the help of graphic processing units (GPUs)

Research topics

  • Star formation
  • Cosmic magnetic fields
  • Dynamo activity in turbulent plasmas
  • Dynamics of extrasolar planet around massive stars and binary stars
  • Time dependent radiation transfer
  • GPU-accelerated simulations

Project participations

Research training network Extrasolar Planets and their Host Stars
Collaborative Research Center SFB 676Particles, Strings, and the Early Universe, project C9 Magnetic Fields in the Early Universe
Priority programme 1573 Physics of the Interstellar Medium, project The low-metallicity ISM