Here you can find some information on research and teaching at the Hamburg Observatory as an institute of the Physics Department of the University of Hamburg as well as on the history, the historical architectural design, the equipment and the big range of events and services for the public.

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first-light-des-neuen-kleines-radioteleskop-krt3-2   On August 21 the first group of students started their lab exercises of the "Praktikum für Fortgeschrittene (PHY-FP)" of the physics department using the Observatory's new "Kleines Radioteleskop" KRT3. Similar to its predecessor, the antenna of the KRT3 has a diameter of 3 meters, but the receiver is significantly more sensitive. The telescope is a SPIDER300A type marketed by the company Primaluce Lab in Italy. The receiver is optimized for the frequeny of 1420 MHz, enabling the measurement the 21cm line of neutral hydrogen, which is omnipresent in the Milky Way. Using this line, the rotation of our Galaxy can be studied allowing one to draw conclusions on the existence of Dark Matter. Also bright radio sources like Radio galaxies or...