Here you can find some information on research and teaching at the Hamburg Observatory as an institute of the Physics Department of the University of Hamburg as well as on the history, the historical architectural design, the equipment and the big range of events and services for the public.

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paving-the-way-for-the-next-generation-survey-telescope 4MOST is a new wide-field spectroscopic survey facility under development for the four-metre-class Visible and Infrared Survey Telescope for Astronomy (VISTA) at Paranal in Chile. It will be the largest spectroscopic survey facility of its kind in the Southern hemisphere and address today's most pressing astronomical questions in the fields of Galactic archaeology, high-energy astrophysics, galaxy evolution and cosmology. The 4MOST design allows tens of millions of spectra to be obtained over the course of five years of operations, even for targets distributed over a significant fraction of the sky. 4MOST is currently under construction by an international consortium of 15 institutes, of which Hamburg Observatory is a leading member. Now, a...