Here you can find some information on research and teaching at the Hamburg Observatory as an institute of the Physics Department of the University of Hamburg as well as on the history, the historical architectural design, the equipment and the big range of events and services for the public.

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viewing-the-earth-in-front-of-our-sun-2Astronomers from the Hamburg Observatory were involved in the discovery of two new planets. As part of an international research team led by the University of Göttingen they have discovered two new Earth-like planets near one of our closest neighboring stars. "Teegarden’s star" is only about 12.5 light years away from Earth and is one of the smallest stars existing. It is only about 2700 °C warm and about ten times lighter than the sun. Although it is so close to us, the star was only discovered in 2003. The scientists observed the star for about three years.    Their data clearly show the existence of two planets. The two planets resemble the inner planets of our solar system. They are only slightly heavier than Earth and are...