Here you can find some information on research and teaching at the Hamburg Observatory as an institute of the Physics Department of the University of Hamburg as well as on the history, the historical architectural design, the equipment and the big range of events and services for the public.

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paving-the-way-for-the-next-generation-survey-telescope-2 Have you wondered what is around the famous supermassive black hole at the centre of the galaxy M87? Supermassive black holes have an incredible effect on the environment around them. Many of them are shooting powerful jets of plasma into space creating beautiful shapes that resemble clouds or smoke puffs. In this image we have compiled radio observations of the galaxy M87 performed with different telescopes at different frequencies. In all cases, scientists used a technique called "interferometry" which allows them to combine separate radio telescopes to enhance the resolution of the image. When observing at low frequencies, radio telescopes are sensitive to extended structures such as the giant bubbles of plasma detected by LOFAR at 0.05...