This page provides general mission planning information and tools to support eROSITA/SRG observation planning.

The current focus is on the CalPV phase, the first scientific phase of eROSITA. The SRG spacecraft was launched 13 July 2019, the CalPV phase starts roughly 65 days after launch and has a duration of about 50 days (30 days Cal + 20 days PV, mixed observations).

The CalPV time frame may change by a few days, plan is mid September to early November 2019.

Basic sky visibility for the eROSITA CalPV Phase

Visibility sketch for the CalPV phase in different coordinate systems, Sun constraints only. Light green: observable sky area, mid green: sky area with visibility fraction > 50%, dark green: always visible.

SRG launch scenario

   Scenario I: SRG launch 12/13 July 2019 - CalPV phase mid September to early November

image image image

Due to basic symmetries, sky visibilities repeat with a half year period.

eROSITA/SRG visibility check

Specific target visibilities can be calculated under 'Viscal'.