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Jan 16, 2014
Workshop 2014 announced

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Jan 16, 2014
Lecture series announced

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Jan 16, 2014
Presentation skills seminar announced

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Jan 16, 2014
Voice training seminar announced

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Students and postdocs of the GrK

These are the Postdocs and Students who are funded by the GrK.

Note: The large versions of the portraits are accessible only from locations in Hamburg or Göttingen.

Members in Hamburg
T. Krejcova
No Portrait available
W.Y. Li
Star-planet interactions
No Portrait available
J. Martin
The Ca IRT as an activity indicator
No Portrait available
V. Perdelwitz
Multi-wavelength study of low-mass eclipsing binary systems
No Portrait available
S. KhalafiNejad
Transisting Exoplanets
No Portrait available
I. De Gennaro Aquino
3D radiative transfer for chromospheres
No Portrait available
P. Ioannidis
Extrasolar planets around active stars
Portrait of P. Ioannidis
A. Clausius
3D Radiative Transfer in Earth-Like Planetary Atmospheres
Portrait of A. Clausius
J.J. Jimenez Torres
3D Modelling of Reflection Spectra of Hot Jupiters
Portrait of J.J. Jimenez Torres
K. Huber (finished PhD in 2010, Postdoc thereafter)
Planets around active stars
Portrait of K. Huber
H. Müller »
Limb darkening of active stars and Kepler objects
Portrait of H. Müller
Members in Göttingen
A. Ofir (Postdoc)
Exoplanets detection
Portrait of A. Ofir
F. Bauer
Radial velocities in low mass stars
No Portrait available
V.M. Passegger
Characterization of star-planet systems
No Portrait available
L. Nortmann
Portrait of L. Nortmann
F. Lenz
Star-Planet Interactions
Portrait of F. Lenz
S. Schäfer
Portrait of S. Schäfer

Previous members

Members in Hamburg
M. Esposito » (Postdoc until 2009)
Portrait of M. Esposito
C. Johnas (finished PhD in 2007)
Non-analytical line profiles in stellar atmospheres : for planetary host star systems
Portrait of C. Johnas
D. Mislis (finished PhD in 2010)
Extrasolar Planets and the CoRoT satellite.
Portrait of D. Mislis
R. Heller (finished PhD in 2010)
Extrasolar Planet Spectroscopy of Transiting Planets
Portrait of R. Heller
U. Wiesendahl (finished PhD in 2010)
Measuring Stellar Spin Orientation
Portrait of U. Wiesendahl
A. Seelmann (finished PhD in 2011)
Velocity fields in 3D radiative transport
Portrait of A. Seelmann
S. Witte (finished PhD in 2011)
Dust clouds in ultracool atmospheres
Portrait of S. Witte
M. Wagner (finished PhD in 2011)
Reflection spectra of extrasolar planets with Phoenix
Portrait of M. Wagner
L. Sairam
Activity properties of low mass planet bearing stars
Portrait of L. Sairam
C. von Essen
Planetary transit research, study of exoplanet atmospheres and host stars.
Portrait of C. von Essen
F. Pfeifer
Portrait of F. Pfeifer
Members in Göttingen
J. Bean » (Postdoc until 2009. Associated member until 2010)
Portrait of J. Bean
J. Fernandez
(Postdoc 2009-2010)
No Portrait available
S. Brandert
Portrait of S. Brandert
S. Hügelmeyer (finished PhD in 2009)
Multidimensional radiative transfer in protostellar disks
Portrait of S. Hügelmeyer
S. Wende (finished PhD in 2010)
M-Dwarf Line Formation
Portrait of S. Wende
N. Joshi
Rotation and activity in early- to mid-type M-stars
Portrait of N. Joshi
T. Reinhold
Stellar variability in the Kepler field
Portrait of T. Reinhold