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Lecture series: High Energy Processes and Planet Formation

This lecture series by Eric Feigelson was held in Hamburg, Nov. 19.-21., 2008.

The lectures were broadcast with the video conferencing system available in Hamburg and Göttingen.

Nov. 19
11:00-12.30 Principles and challenges of planet formation:
  • Protoplanetary disk observations and theory
  • Constraints from our Solar System and extrasolar planets
  • Grains to planetesimals to planets
14:30-16.00 Magnetic flaring of young stars:
  • X-ray astronomy of pre-main sequence stars
  • Magnetic activity and magnetospheres of pre-main sequence stars
  • X-ray irradiation of protoplanetary disks
Nov. 20
11.15-12.00 Astronomical Colloquium:
"X-ray insights into young stellar clusters"
14.30-16.00 Consequences of X-ray irradiation of protoplanetary disks
  • Ionization-induced heating and chemistry
  • Ionization-induced turbulence
  • Turbulent disks and the challenges of planet formation
Nov. 21
  • The mystery of chondrule melting
  • The mystery of short-lived radionuclides
  • The evaporation of planetary atmospheres