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Jan 16, 2014
Workshop 2014 announced

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Jan 16, 2014
Lecture series announced

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Jan 16, 2014
Presentation skills seminar announced

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Jan 16, 2014
Voice training seminar announced

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Associated members of the GrK

In addition to the funded students, the GrK maintains a number of associated students and postdocs.

Note: The large versions of the portraits are accessible only from locations in Hamburg or Göttingen.

Associates in Hamburg
S. Czesla » (Postdoc)
Portrait of S. Czesla
C. Diehl
Simulations of planets around post-common envelope binary systems with the FLASH code
No Portrait available
M. Salz
Mass Loss from Exoplanetary Atmospheres
Portrait of M. Salz
N. Rudolf
Classical T Tauri Stars with XShooter: Physical Conditions of the Emitting Gas, Mass Accretion, and More
Portrait of N. Rudolf
L. Buntemeyer »
Portrait of L. Buntemeyer
Associates in Göttingen
S. Jeffers » (Postdoc)
No Portrait available
A. Boesch »
Development of Emission Lamps for Precision Spectroscopy
Portrait of A. Boesch
L. Sarmiento
No Portrait available
K. Ulbrich »
Synthetic spectra of protoplanetary disks
Portrait of K. Ulbrich
U. Seemann »
Portrait of U. Seemann
M. Zechmeister » (Postdoc)
Portrait of M. Zechmeister

Previous associated members

Associates in Hamburg
V. Arias
Hydrodynamical simulations of substellar objects
Portrait of V. Arias
K. Poppenhäger (finished PhD in 2011, Postdoc thereafter)
X-ray properties of planet-hosting stars
No Portrait available
S. Witte (finished PhD in 2011, Postdoc thereafter)
Dust clouds in ultracool atmospheres
Portrait of S. Witte
U. Wolter » (Postdoc until 2011, staff thereafter)
Portrait of U. Wolter
A. Gädke (finished PhD in 2009)
Development of a gas absorption cell for the near-infrared
Portrait of A. Gädke
M. Günther (finished PhD in 2009, Postdoc thereafter until 2010)
Accretion, winds and jets : high-energy emission from young stellar objects
Portrait of M. Günther
B. Voigt (finished PhD in 2009, Postdoc thereafter until 2010)
Surface spots on cool giant stars probed by spectro-astrometry
Portrait of B. Voigt
A.-L. Lesage (until 2011)
Determination of the Position Angle of the Rotation axis of stars,
Portrait of A.-L. Lesage
Associates in Göttingen
M. Ammler von Eiff » (Postdoc left in 2011)
Portrait of M. Ammler von Eiff
J. Bean » (Postdoc, left in 2010, previously a regular member until 2009)
Portrait of J. Bean
A. Seifahrt » (Postdoc, left in 2009)
No Portrait available
M. Hundertmark (finished PhD in 2011)
Gravitational Microlensing
Portrait of M. Hundertmark