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Main camera

		CCD size 		 1024x1024 pixel (24.6x24.6 mm)

Pixel size 24$\mu$m
Binning 1x1-8x8 (image sizes: 1024x1024 - 128x128 pixel)
Read-out times 35 - 2 seconds
Read noise (e$^-$) 15
Gain 4.25 e$^-$/ADU (Apogee) / 3.85 e$^-$/ADU (Hühn)
Operating temperature -40$\pm$2 C
FOV Main camera 324x324'' (5.4'x5.4')
Resolution 0.32-2.5''/pixel dependent on binning
Linearity up to 60000 counts

Figure: Linearity of the main camera CCD. Median count levels measured over the full frame are displayed as function of exposure time. Exposures were taken without filter. The scatter around the regression line is 140 counts.
\includegraphics [width=10cm,angle=-90]{}

Dieter Engels