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Preparing the observing night

Source list: You may prepare a source list to avoid typing in the coordinates manually. The source list must have the following format:

23 57 45.5 +25 08 29.0 (2000) 'Peg Psi-84 ' Comments

The Comments part is optional. Place the list into the directory in which you will start the telescope control software later on.

Standards: You may include a suitable number of standards in your source list.

Sun and Moon: Use the program aurora to obtain a printout of times related to sun- and moonrise and the corresponding settings (Fig. 8). The coordinates of the observatory are l=10.25 and b=+53.4833. If requested, the output is written to the file ``drucken.txt'' in the directory, in which aurora was called.

Figure 8: Dialogue with aurora
\includegraphics [width=12cm]{}

Dieter Engels