Mar 24, 2015

Theses / Papers / Conference contributions

"Chemical abundances of fast-rotating massive stars. I. Description of the methods and individual results", Cazorla et al. 2017 [pdf]

"Carrington cycle 24: the solar chromospheric emission in a historical and stellar perspective", Schröder et al. 2017 [pdf]

"Four-month chromospheric and coronal activity cycle in τ Boötis", Mittag et al. 2017 [pdf]

"A Method for Telluric Line Removal from Supernova and Nova Spectra", Jack 2017 [pdf]

"Study of the variability of Nova V5668 Sgr, based on high-resolution spectroscopic monitoring", Jack et al. 2017 [pdf]

"X-ray and optical spectroscopy of the massive young open cluster IC 1805", Rauw & Naze 2016 [pdf]

"On the nature of absorption features toward nearby stars", Kohl et al. 2016 [pdf]

"Chromospheric activity and evolutionary age of the Sun and four solar twins", Mittag et al. 2016 [pdf]

"The α CrB binary system: A new radial velocity curve, apsidal motion, and the alignment of rotation and orbit axes", Schmitt et al. 2016 [pdf]

"Measuring rotation periods of solar-like stars using TIGRE. A study of periodic CaII H+K S-index variability", Hempelmann et al. 2016 [pdf]

"High spectral resolution monitoring of Nova V339 Delphini with TIGRE", De Gennaro Aquino et al. 2015 [pdf]

"Time series of high-resolution spectra of SN 2014J observed with the TIGRE telescope", Jack et al. 2015 [pdf]

"Simultaneous X-ray and optical spectroscopy of the Oef supergiant λ Cephei", Rauw et al. 2015 [pdf]

"Identification of the feature that causes the I-band secondary maximum of a Type Ia supernova", Jack et al. 2015 [pdf]

"Spectroscopic variability of two Oe stars", Rauw et al. 2015 [pdf]

"First Results of the TIGRE Chromospheric Activity Survey", Mittag et al. 2015 [pdf]

"High-energy irradiation and mass loss rates of hot Jupiters in the solar neighborhood", Salz et al. 2015 [pdf]

"TIGRE: A new robotic spectroscopy telescope at Guanajuato, Mexico", Schmitt et al. 2014 [pdf]

"A spectroscopic atlas of Mira (omicon Ceti) observed with TIGRE", Student project, D. Reck, Hamburg 2014 [pdf]

"Chromospheric activity - First results of the observations with the Hamburg Robotic Telescope", Mittag, PhD thesis, 2010 [pdf]

"The Data Reduction Pipeline of the Hamburg Robotic Telescope", Mittag, Hempelmann, González-Pérez, Schmitt, 2010 AdAst 2010 [pdf]

"The Temperature Dependence of the Pointing Model of the Hamburg Robotic Telescope", Mittag, Hempelmann, González-Pérez, Schmitt, 2008 PASP 120,425 [pdf]

"Controlling the Hamburg Robotic Telescope: a description of the software", González-Pérez, Hempelmann, Mittag, Hagen. In Advanced Software and Control for Astronomy II. 2008 Proc. of SPIE Vol. 7019, 70192V [ps]

"Die technische Performance des Hamburger Robotischen Teleskops", Mittag, Diploma thesis, Universitaet Hamburg, 2006 (German) [pdf]

"Automatic pointing and guiding with the target star: experiences with the Hamburg Robotic Telescope", González-Pérez, Hempelmann. In 3rd Potsdam Thinkshop on Robotic Astronomy. 2004 Astron. Nachr. 325, 672. [pdf]