The Hamburg/SAO Survey for Emission-Line Galaxies
V. The Fifth List of 161 Galaxies

Astronomy & Astrophysics 374, 907 (2001)

A.V. Ugryumov [1,11], D. Engels [2], A.Y. Kniazev [1,11], R.F. Green [3], Y.I. Izotov [4,9], U. Hopp [5,10], S.A. Pustilnik [1,11], A.G. Pramsky [1], T.F. Kniazeva [1], N. Brosch [6], H.-J. Hagen [2], V.A. Lipovetsky [1], J. Masegosa [7], I. Márquez [7], J.-M. Martin [8]

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  11. Isaac Newton Institute of Chile, SAO Branch


We present the fifth list with results of the Hamburg/SAO Survey for Emission-Line Galaxies (HSS therein, SAO - Special Astrophysical Observatory, Russia). The list is a result of follow-up spectroscopy conducted with the 2.2m CAHA and 4m Kitt Peak telescopes in 1999. The data of this snap-shot spectroscopy survey confirmed 166 emission-line objects out of 209 observed candidates and allowed their quantitative spectral classification and redshift determination. We could classify 98 emission-line objects as BCG/HII galaxies or probable BCGs, 5 - as QSOs, 2 - as Seyfert galaxies, 2 - as super-associations in subluminous spiral galaxies. 26 low-excitation objects were classified as starburst nuclei (SBN), 24 as dwarf amorphous nuclei starburst galaxies (DANS) and 3 as LINERs. Due to low signal-to-noise ratio we could not classify 6 ELGs. Furthermore, for another 4 galaxies we did not detect any significant emission lines. For 131 emission-line galaxies, the redshifts and/or line intensities are determined for the first time. For the remaining 30 previously known ELGs we give either improved data of the line intensities or some independent measurements.

Key words: surveys - galaxies: fundamental parameters - galaxies: distances and redshifts - galaxies: starburst - galaxies: compact - quasars: redshifts

Contact: Dieter Engels.

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