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Homepage of the Hamburg/ESO Survey (under construction)

The Hamburg/ESO survey (HES) is a digital objective prism survey covering the total southern extragalactic sky. It is based on Kodak IIIa-J plates which have been taken with the 1m ESO Schmidt telescope and its 4° prism. The spectral coverage is 3200-5300 Å, at an resolution of 15 Å at H gamma (collection of example spectra). More than 90% of the plates have been scanned and reduced so far using the Hamburg PDS machine.

The Hamburg objective-prism quasar surveys
Description of the survey
Extragalactic projects
Stellar content
Details on the current status

Current HES team:

Prof. Dr. Dieter Reimers
PD Dr. Lutz Wisotzki
Dr. Norbert Christlieb

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