The Stellar Content of the Hamburg/ESO survey

The Stellar Content of the Hamburg/ESO survey

Contact person: Norbert Christlieb,

List of projects, with links to very rudimentary science case:

T Tauri Stars
Metal-Poor Halo Stars
FHB/A for Kinematic Analysis of the Galactic Halo
FHB/A as Distance Probes for High Velocity Clouds
Carbon Enhanced Stars
Dwarf Carbon Stars
Planetary Nebulae
Cataclysmic Variable Stars
Subdwarf B Stars
White Dwarfs of Type DO; PG 1159-Stars
White Dwarfs of Type DZ
White Dwarfs of Type DA
White Dwarfs of Type DAV (ZZ Ceti-Stars)
Magnetic White Dwarfs

Anything else?!

If you have ideas for further projects, please let me know. Note that we can simulate HES objective prism spectra from CCD- or model spectra, so that we can get an idea of how your objects might look like on our plates even in case there are no known objects of your class present on HES plates. Note also, however, that our manpower is very limited, as I am currently the only one in Hamburg who is working on the stellar content of the HES!

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