The Solar Hidden Photon Search project SHIPS constitutes the most sensitive search for transversely polarized solar Hidden Photons to date. (M. Schwarz et alii, 2015, JCAP..08..00S). In October 2015, the fully operational Telescope for Solar Hidden Photon Search, TSHIPS, was ripped off its carrier mount, dismantled and dumped onto the dome floor. By an 'expert' team not including any SHIPS team members. By orders of the Observatory 'Acting' Director. Allegedly, TSHIPS was in the way of removing the telescope's main mirror for an urgently needed recoating. The urgency to refurbish the mirror vanished right after the SHIPS demolition (the re-aluminization was done only in June 2016).

The future of observational astroparticle physics at the Hamburger Sternwarte has ended.

March 1, 2016

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