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  Dr. Uwe Wolter

        Hamburger Sternwarte, Gojenbergsweg 112, D-21029 Hamburg        

            Telefon: 49 40 42838 - 8530
            Telefax: 49 40 42838 - 8598
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Research topics:
  Stellar activity: Chromospheric and photospheric structures, starspot and theirevolution, flares, etc.
  High-resolution optical spectroscopy, preferably of fast rotating, highly active cool stars.
  Exoplanets and their host stars (ex Research Training Group GrK 1351).

More and less recent:

An Exoplanet fried by the radiation of its host star   NASA News 2011   News article (in German)   Article  
Artist's view (NASA, CXC / M.Weiss)

Zooming in on a starspot using the transit of an exoplanet   Sky & Telescope 2009   News article (in German)   Press release text
Photomontage based on a solar image (SOHO/MDI, ESA/NASA, U. Wolter)

Imaging a stellar flare! ESO Press release 2007   News article (in German)   Same image without Doppler map
Photomontage based on solar images and a Doppler map of the highly active star BO Mic ("Speedy Mic"). The blue circle indicates the flare observed in October 2006 using ESO's VLT telescope and ESA's XMM-Newton satellite. (NASA/TRACE, High Altitude Observatory, Hamburger Sternwarte, Astronomy and Astrophysics)

Wunderbare Schwerkraft [Public lecture 2018 (in German)]
Stars old, very old, and a young one -- in the Eye of the TIGRE [Talk 2018]
Activity and Doppler Imaging of the late-type giant star OU Andromedae [Talk 2018]
Fundamentals and Applications of Doppler Imaging [Talk 2018]
Multi-wavelength views of CoRoT-2 [Talk 2018]
Doppler Imaging and the Hamburg Robotic Telescope -- HRT [Talk 2012]
Planet Transit Spectroscopy [Talk 2011]
Exoplaneten -- Gibt es eine zweite Erde ? [Public lecture 2011 (in German)]
Doppler shadows of CoRoT-2b - Using a transiting planet as an occulting mask [Poster 2010]
Pinpointing a stellar X-ray flare [Talk 2008]
Sternenstaub - Sterne als Grundlage desLebens im Universum [Public lecture 2007 (in German, some colors missing)]
Doppler imaging of Speedy Mic - What do we learn? [Disputation 2004]
CLDI: Doppler imaging with a difference [Talk 2002]
Detecting solar-like differential rotation by Doppler imaging ? [Talk 2001]

Publications: ADS (query!)

Thesis: Spot evolution and differential rotation of the ultrafast rotator Speedy Mic (download pdf)
Educational: Astronomie-Werkstatt an der Hamburger Sternwarte (AWHS) (in German)


Spectral atlas of Mira spectra taken with the TIGRE telescope (D. Reck 2014) (pdf)

Gravitation [Lehrerfortbildung 2013 (in German)]

Warum gibt es Schwarze Löcher ? [Vortrag Kinder-Uni Pinneberg]

Alltagsastronomie [Referendarsveranstaltung (in German)]

Die Sonne [Lehrerfortbildung 2006, nur teilweise in Farbe (in German)]

Die Sonne [Lehrerfortbildung 2005, mit link-Liste im Anhang (in German)]

Der Stern von Bethlehem - Nahaufnahmen [Christmas talk 2004 (in German, movies not included)]

Some SOHO images frozen on 2005 august 8
SOHO LASCO in 1998 (movie)

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