Hamburger Sternwarte

Jaroslaw Susol


Hamburger Sternwarte
Gojenbergsweg 112
D-21029 Hamburg

Telefon: +49 40 42891 8415
e-mail :

current work:

I am a PhD student in the instrumentation group led by Prof. G.Wiedemann. I am currently working at the usage and improvement of detectors for astronomic usage. Right now, this includes especially the work on the Xeva FPA 1.7μm, as well as the work on an EMCCD by Princeton Instruments.

The Xeva is an InGaAs-detector with a range of ~0,8-1,7 μm. Last achievements give a time resoltion of 13KHz on the smallest possible window of interest (32x8). First tests to prove the validation of this resoltion were already done by aquiring frames of a simple light bulb running @ 50Hz ∼.
Right now this detector has been tested at the FTS. Using the slowest scan mode on this spectrometer we can get easily interferograms (spectra will be added soon):

The EMCCD contains a ccd97 chip by E2V. In this system there are two different readout modes for this chip. One reads out the ccd chip as a regular chip, while the other does it through an additional extrended serial register, where the signal from the ccd gets multiplied before any readout noise is added by the readout amplifier. That way it is possible to measure very faint fluxes. So this detector seems to be suited for the SHIPS-project.
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