I am a postdoc at the Hamburger Sternwarte currently working on photoevaporation of hot Jupiter atmospheres. High energy irradiation from the host stars leads to strongly expanded atmospheres. Under these extreme conditions the atmospheres are often not stable and a persistent supersonic wind blows off material from the planet. I study this process with coupled radiative and hydrodynamic simulations with the goal to reproduce so-far observed atmospheric signals. Furthermore, I try to expand the observational basis by searching for atmospheres around new extrasolar planets and by measuring the high energy emission of host stars via X-ray observations.

A short video explaining the topic of my thesis in german can be found here.

Research interests:

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The PLUTO CLOUDY Interface

I have constructed an interface between the MHD code PLUTO and the photoionization solver CLOUDY to simulate the winds of hot Jupiters. The interface (TPCI) is a free software and can be downloaded below. It can be used to simulate photoevaporative flows. The 1D version has been verified (link paper); 3D parallel simulations are possible. Potential users should be familiar with the individual simulation codes PLUTO and CLOUDY.

Simulation codes:

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