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XMM gallery - High energy picture of the week

 HEASARC - Picture Of the Week (61 Cygni)              HEASARC - Picture Of the Week (Alpha Centauri)

X-Shooter/VLT, Paranal (Chile, 2010)

Talks: Hamburg, Moscow, Utrecht...

     -- > PhD thesis:   X-ray properties and activity of cool stars - The view of XMM-Newton

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' The adventure of our science of physics is a perpetual attempt to recognize that the different aspects of nature are really different aspects of the same thing. '  -- R. Feynman
' Whatever nature has in store for mankind, unpleasant as it may be, men must accept, for ignorance is never better than knowledge. '  -- E. Fermi
' The task is, not so much to see what no one has yet seen; but to think what nobody has yet thought, about that which everybody sees. '  -- E. Schrödinger
' Let's go! '  -- Y. Gagarin