Software written by Jan-Uwe Ness

Manual for cora                Line fitting program for weak emission lines cora-4.0.tar.gz        14-Nov-2008 21:43:38   614k; +optimized for Chandra LETGS spectra cora-3.3.tar.gz        14-Nov-2008 21:43:38   663k; +written in ANSI C (needs pgplot cora-3.2.tar.gz         14-Nov-2008 21:43:38   593k; +and GTK+) cora-3.1.tar.gz         14-Nov-2008 21:43:39   573k   cora-3.0.tar.gz         14-Nov-2008 21:43:38   573k   (simultaneous line width, more refined background, etc.; not commented yet) cora-2.3.tar.gz         14-Nov-2008 21:43:39   571k   can handle Beta profiles (not commented yet) cora-2.2.tar.gz         14-Nov-2008 21:43:38   560k   reads specific profiles and has refined sbg fitting cora-2.0.tar.gz         14-Nov-2008 21:43:37   490k   can convert XMM-SAS output to cora format cora-1.3.tar.gz         14-Nov-2008 21:43:38   410k   cora-1.2.tar.gz         14-Nov-2008 21:43:39   433k   cora-1.1.tar.gz         14-Nov-2008 21:43:38   369k   cora-1.0.tar.gz         14-Nov-2008 21:43:38   364k   [TXT] halb                    14-Nov-2008 21:43:37     1k   unix script treats postscript documents with more than one page [TXT] ps_bind                 14-Nov-2008 21:43:39     1k   combines two eps or ps files on one page using LaTeX [TXT] ps_bind_rot             14-Nov-2008 21:43:38     1k   same, but rotating by 90 deg. [TXT] ps_combine              14-Nov-2008 21:43:38     1k   combines any number of given one-page ps/eps files into one ps file with many pages [TXT] ps_combine_all          14-Nov-2008 21:43:38     1k   combines all ps files in directory into one file