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Coordinates and finding charts

The best coordinates for each object given in the literature and measured by us are listed in Table 4 (about 7000 entries from 218 sources). The frequency of coordinates in the accuracy categories is as follows:

category (a): 964 objects
category (b): 544 objects
category (c): 2 objects

Nearly all PNe (n=1508) have coordinates of the accuracy category (a) or (b). Only two objects of the category (c) are large nebulae without known central stars (VB 1, 339-00.1*; EL 1647+64, 094+38.1*). We give the individual coordinates and not the best coordinates only or their mean values in order to see the scatter of coordinates which sometimes is considerable, especially at large nebulae without known central stars.

The finding charts are given either in CGPN(1967) or in this Catalogue. In the present version there are 714 finding charts (655 main charts, 59 C-charts). In 35 cases the object is not visible (ID) and we refer to the discovery literature.

Lubos Kohoutek