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This catalogue contains 1510 objects classified as galactic PNe up to the end of 1999. CGPN(2000) is a continuation of CGPN(1967) and also includes objects given in Supplements S1-S6. The catalogue is divided into two parts:
Part 1 - text and lists of objects (with corresponding remarks) given in the following tables:

Table 1: general list of PNe according to galactic longitude (including also misclassified PNe),

Table 2: list of PNe according to right ascension,

Table 3: list of misclassified PNe,

Table 4: accurate coordinates of PNe,

Table 5: list of possible pre-PNe,

Table 6: list of possible post-PNe,

Table 7: index of discovery lists;

Part 2 - finding charts of objects listed in S1-S6 and of some objects from CGPN(1967) (not the charts given correctly in CGPN(1967));

Table 8: list of finding charts.

The PK designation as well as the IAU PN G designation is indicated (Table 1 and 2), and equatorial coordinates for both the Equinox 1950 and 2000 are presented (Table 2 and 4). Two new lists are given: the list of possible pre-PNe (Table 5, n=334), and the list of possible post-PNe (Table 6, n=86).

In the elementary statistics of the present data of PNe we give the galactic distribution as well as the distribution on the sphere, the occurence of coordinates in different accuracy categories, the existence of finding charts and also the frequency of discoveries.

We also present some summarized lists of PNe: individual distances, binary and variable objects, the occurrence in clusters and x-ray sources. The summary of misclassified PNe is added.

The errata to CGPN(1967) and to the Supplements are summarized.

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Nächste Seite: Introduction Aufwärts: Contents

Lubos Kohoutek