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Scientific workshop - Astrophysics with E-LOFAR

16 - 19 September 2008, Hamburg, Germany

Organised by Hamburger Sternwarte / German Long-Wavelength Consortium (GLOW)

LOFAR (Low Frequency Array) is a new radio telescope under construction by ASTRON in the Netherlands operating between 30 and 240 MHz. In this largely unexplored frequency range, LOFAR will be the dominant telescope over the next decade, observing the low frequency sky with unprecedented resolution and sensitivity. LOFAR is rapidly becoming a European effort (hence E-LOFAR), with France, Germany, Poland, Sweden and the United Kingdom actively pursuing a participation in the LOFAR European network. The first core and remote station are already functioning in Exloo and Effelsberg, respectively.

Following the great success of the first LOFAR workshop held in Emmen in Spring 2007, the prospective E-LOFAR community will gather again in Fall 2008 to explore current and future science perspectives of low-frequency radio observations. Participants are invited to discuss their current science results and propose future projects with LOFAR. We hope to establish an excellent basis for collaborations among the user community. Furthermore, this workshop will also give an introduction to the LOFAR system and its initial scientific drivers.