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Scientific workshop - Astrophysics with E-LOFAR

16 - 19 September 2008, Hamburg, Germany

Organised by Hamburger Sternwarte / German Long-Wavelength Consortium (GLOW)

Make Long Baseline LOFAR Work (beer party)
Science on sub-arcsecond scales will be enabled by the international LOFAR station, with baselines up to about 1000 km. The LOFAR Long Baseline Working Group (LLBWG) is focused on enabling this science through the development and commissioning of technical, processing, and scientific requirements of the hardware and software for long baseline operations. With more international stations coming on-line from the end of 2008 through 2009, the LLBWG needs to plan the roll-out development and commissioning now. This meeting of the LLBWG will present information on the planned technical capabilities of long baseline LOFAR, and solicit advice and assistance for the development and commissioning work needed to make long baseline LOFAR a reality.