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Workshop purpose

In the recent years a large number of new developments were released concerning the FLASH code and applications based on it. These developments are not only initiated by the Flash Center but also by a large user community. Unfortuntely, the information on those developments does not always spread among the FLASH users that might benefit from them.
Here we intent to bring together an active and vibrant group of FLASH users and people who are interested to stay for two days at the Hamburger Sternwarte to exchange ideas and point to new developments which could accelerate our research projects. This exchange will hopefully connect different research groups and launch common collaborations among them. We also imagine to initiate code comparison projects at this workhsop.
We will have talks and posters on new developments for the FLASH code but also on scientific applications and results.

We hope to cover the following topics:


Registration is now open. Please keep in mind that we can host only a limited number of people (~ 35) that might force us to select the participants for this workshop. Registration is open till 30 November 2011.

Participants from the FLASH Center

We are pleased to welcome Anshu Dubey and Klaus Weide from the Flash Center who will report on the latest developments and new prospectives of the FLASH code.


Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any question.