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Aims of the GAUSS-GESELLSCHAFT Göttingen

Founded in September 21, 1962

Number of members: about 190

Aims of the GAUSS-GESELLSCHAFT Göttingen:
`Satzung' (rules) new version, accepted on November 21, 2016 (Registergericht Göttingen) - in German)

The GAUSS-GESELLSCHAFT e.V. pursues exclusively non-profit aims of public interest in the sense of 'Steuerbegünstigte Zwecke' (tax-deductible purposes) of the tax regulations.
The aim of the society is to preserve the memory of the scholar and the person Carl Friedrich Gauß, in co-operation with the Georg-August University of Göttingen, the Academy of Sciences of Göttingen and the city of Göttingen.

This goal is to be attained particularly through:

  1. Creation and conservation of a worthy Gauß memorial in the city of Göttingen
  2. Participation in the maintenance and preservation of existing Gauß memorials
  3. Co-operation in research concerning Gauß
  4. Organization of lectures
  5. Publications of articles and reports
  6. Establishment of relations with institutions and individuals interested in Gauß and in his works

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GAUSS-GESELLSCHAFT: Addresses and Membership

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Managing committee of the GAUSS-GESELLSCHAFT

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Collection of interesting links in the WWW

Gauß and Göttingen - Biography, Archive Material and Images

Johann Carl Friedrich Gauß (1777-1855) (St. Andrews, UK)

Gauß images (St. Andrews, UK) or Carl Friedrich Gauss family

G. Waldo Dunnington collection of Gauss papers,
Northwestern State University of Louisiana Libraries - PDF

State and University Library of Lower Saxony
(Niedersächsische Staats- und Universitätsbibliothek), Publications of Gauss

Georg-August-University Göttingen
Gauss - Georg-August-University Göttingen
Gauss in Göttingen (2005),

Academy of Sciences and Humanities, Göttingen
City of Göttingen

Kulturreise Carl Friedrich Gauá (23 Stationen)

In Memory of Gauß and Weber - the Telegraph

Das Gauß-Weber-Monument in Göttingen (German),
Gauß-Weber-Monument (Measurement Valley),
Gauss-Weber-Monument (W. Volk)

Gauß tomb (Measurement Valley)

,,Vom Magnetismus zur Elektrodynamik anläßlich des 200. Geburtstages von Wilhelm Weber (1804-1891) und des 150. Todestages von Carl Friedrich Gauß (1777-1855)'', Exhibition in the State and University Library Hamburg, 3. March - 2. April 2005, organized and compiled by Gudrun Wolfschmidt and Karl-Heinrich Wiederkehr (Catalogue (in German) still available by sending of 10 Euro by mail to the Institute for History of Science of Hamburg University)

Measurement Valley - Laser telegraph in Göttingen (sends since 2007)
in memory of the Gauß-Weber-Telegraph (1833)


Old observatory, Turmstraße, Göttingen, 1748 to 1816 (Measurement Valley)
University observatory, Geismarlandstraße 11, Göttingen, 1816 to 2005 (Measurement Valley)

Institute for Astrophysics, University of Göttingen - University Observatory
Collection of historical objects,
(History, Geschichte/History old page)
Historische Sternwarte (Lichtenberg-Kolleg) (German)

Göttinger Gauß-Kuppel Gemeinschaft e.V. (in German)
Amateurastronomische Vereinigung Göttingen e.V. (AVG) (Amateur Astronomers Goettingen)
(History of Hainberg Observatory - Geschichte der Sternwarte am Hainberg)
Förderkreis Planetarium Göttingen e.V.


Guided tour about the history of metrology in Goettingen (Measurement Valley)

Vom Universitäts-Mechanikus zum Global Player - Sartorius Chronik ( (PDF)

Triangulation of the Kingdom of Hanover

Ancient Gauss tower on Hohen Hagen or here Gauss tower (German)

Restaurierung des Meridiansteins der Gerling-Sternwarte in Marburg (German)

Geodesy and Geo-Information in the Internet


Geoscience, University of Göttingen, Arbeitsgruppen Geophysik
Magnetic Association of Humboldt, Gauss and Weber (Magnetischer Verein)

History of Seismology in Göttingen
Die Erdbebenwarte in Göttingen: Gibt es eine Rettung für die Wiechert-Seimographen?
Earthquake Station (Erdbebenwarte, Wiechert Institute for Seismology), Göttingen (Measurement Valley)


Forschungsschiff GAUSS 1980 (Wiki) Forschungsschiff Gauss / DBBX
Forschungs- und Vermessungsschiff GAUSS in Rostock (Gemo)

Gauß on stamps, coins and bills

Gauss on stamps, coins and bills
Astronomy and Philately

Banknotes featuring Scientists and Mathematicians

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