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Year 2006

Mickaelian, A. M.; Hovhannisyan, L. R.; Engels, D.; Hagen, H.-J.; Voges, W.:
Optical identification of ROSAT-FSC sources

Year 2004

Landt, Hermine; Padovani, Paolo; Perlman, Eric S.; Giommi, Paolo:
A physical classification scheme for blazars

Veron-Cetty, M.-P.; Balayan, S. K.; Mickaelian, A. M.; Mujica, R.; Chavushyan, V.; Hakopian, S. A.; Engels, D.; Veron, P.; Zickgraf, F.-J.; Voges, W.; Xu, D.-W.:
Optically bright active galactic nuclei in the ROSAT-Faint source catalogue

Zickgraf, F.-J.; Engels, D.; Hagen, H.-J.; Reimers, D.; Voges, W.:
The Hamburg/RASS Catalogue of Optical Identifications of ROSAT Bright Source X-Ray Sources

Year 2003

V.Beckmann; D.Engels, N.Bade, O.Wucknitz:
The HRX-BL Lac sample - evolution of BL Lac objects

F.-J.Zickgraf, D.Engels, H.-J.Hagen, D.Reimers, W.Voges:
The Hamburg/RASS Catalogue of optical identifications. Northern high-galactic latitude ROSAT Bright Source Catalogue X-ray sources

D'Elia, Valerio; Padovani, Paolo; Landt, Hermine,
The disc-jet relation in strong-lined blazars,

Padovani, Paolo; Perlman, Eric S.; Landt, Hermine; Giommi, Paolo; Perri, Matteo
What Types of Jets Does Nature Make? A New Population of Radio Quasars

Year 2001

Tesch F., Engels D., Carrera F.J., Hu J., Wei J., Ledoux C., Ugryumov A.,Valls-Gabaud D., Voges W.,
Delving into large-scale structures of the X-ray Universe ,

Zickgraf F.-J., Engels D., Hagen H.-J., Reimers D.,
The Hamburg/RASS optical identification project,

Landt, Hermine; Padovani, Paolo; Perlman, Eric S.; Giommi, Paolo; Bignall, Hayley; Tzioumis, Anastasios,
The Deep X-Ray Radio Blazar Survey (DXRBS) - II. New identifications,

Year 2000:

V. Beckmann:
"Evolutionary behaviour of AGN:Investigations on BL Lac objects and Seyfert II galaxies"
2000, PhD thesis, Hamburg University

F. Tesch:
"The spatial distribution of soft X-ray selected AGNs at low redshifts" (PDF)
2000, PhD thesis, Hamburg University

V. Beckmann:
"Photometry of 49 X-ray selected BL Lacs", Blazar Data, Vol. 2, 3

Engels D., Keil R.
BLR velocities in optically and X-ray selected AGN samples,

F. Tesch, D. Engels :
Detection of the first X-ray selected large AGN group

Jiang X.J., Engels D., Wei J.Y., Tesch F., Hu J.Y.,
New cataclysmic variables from the RASS,

Tesch F., Carrera F.J., Engels D., Hu J., Ledoux C., Ugryumov A., Valls-Gabaud D., Voges W., Wei J., 2000
ROSAC: Studying the clustering properties of X-ray selected AGNs,

T. Pursimo, L.O. Takalo, A. Sillanpää, V. Beckmann, U. Borgeest, et al.
Intensive monitoring of OJ 287

Year 1999:

V. Beckmann, N. Bade and O. Wucknitz :
The extreme high frequency peaked BL Lac 1517+656

C. Sanchez-Fernandez, A. J. Castro-Tirado, H. W. Duerbeck,L. Mantegazza, V. Beckmann, V. Burwitz, L. Vanzi, A. Bianchini, M. Della Valle, A. Piemonte, B. Dirsch, I. Hook, L. Yan, A. Gimenez :
Optical observations of the black hole candidate XTE J1550-564 during the September/October 1998

Xue-Bing Wu, Norbert Bade, Volker Beckmann :
X-ray luminous radio-quiet high redshift QSOs in the RASS

D. Watson, L. Hanlon, B. McBreen, N. Smith, M. Tashiro, A. R. Foley, L. Metcalfe, V. Beckmann,S. F. Sanchez, and H. Teräsranta :
Simultaneous Multifrequency Observations of the BL Lac MS 0205.7+3509

D.Engels, F. Tesch, C. Ledoux, J. Wei, A. Ugryumov, D. Valls-Gabaud, J. Hu, W. Voges :
Large-scale structures in the distribution of X-ray selected AGN

V. Beckmann :
Evolutionary Behaviour of BL Lac Objects

Year 1998:

Bade, N., Beckmann, V., Douglas, N. G., Barthel, P. D., Engels, D., Cordis, L., Nass, P.,
Voges, W. :
On the Evolutionary Behaviour of BL Lac Objects

Molthagen, K., Bade, N., Wendker, H. J. :
RXJ0947.0+4721 - An Extremly Soft Narrow Line QSO
A&A 331, 925

Komossa, S., Bade, N. :
Properties of Dusty Warm Absorbers and the Case of IRAS 17020+4544
A&A 331, L49

Bade, N., Engels, D., Voges, W., Beckmann, V., Boller, Th., Cordis, L., Dahlem, M.,
Englhauser, J., Molthagen, K., Nass, P., Studt, J., Reimers,D. :
The Hamburg/RASS Catalogue of Optical Identifications

Year 1997:

Wisotzki, L., Bade, N. :
Spectroscopy of Narrow Emission Line X-ray Galaxies
A&A 320, 395

Fink, H. H.; Walter, R.; Schartel, N.; Engels, D. :
Soft X-ray properties of the narrow line QSO Ton S180 (RX J0057.3-2222)

Bade, N., Siebert, J., Lopez, S., Voges, W., Reimers, D. :
RXJ0911.4+0551: A New Multiple QSO Selected from the ROSAT All-Sky-Survey
A&A 317, L13

Year 1996:

Greiner, J., Danner, R., Bade, N., Richter, G. A., Kroll, P.,Komossa, S. :
Four New Active Galaxies with Steep Soft X-ray Spectra
A&A 310, 384

Nass, P., Bade, N., Kollgaard, R. I., Laurent-Mühleisen,S. A., Reimers, D., Voges, W. :
BL Lac Objects in the ROSAT All-Sky Survey: New Objects and Comparison of Different Search Techniques
A&A 309, 419

Bade, N., Komossa, S., Dahlem, M. :
Detection of an Extremly Soft X-ray Outburst in the HII-like Nucleus of NGC 5905
A&A 309, L35

Bade, N., Engels, D., Voges, W., Reimers, D. :
ROSAT All-Sky-Survey Sources on Schmidt Plates 1996, Proc. 'Röntgenstrahlung from the Universe', eds. Zimmermann, H.U.; Trümper, J.; and Yorke, H.
MPE Report 263, p. 647-648

Cordis, L., Bade, N., Engels, D., Voges, W. :
A Flux Limited AGN Sample from the ROSAT All-Sky-Survey 1996, Proc. 'Röntgenstrahlung from the Universe', eds. Zimmermann, H.U.; Trümper, J.; and Yorke, H.
MPE Report 263, p. 441-442

Year 1995:

Grupe, D., Beuermann, K., Mannheim, K., Bade, N., Thomas, H.-C.,De Martino, D., Schwope, A. :
X-ray Outburst of the Peculiar Seyfert Galaxy IC 3599
A&A 299, L5

Reimers, D., Bade, N., Schartel, N., Hagen, H.-J., Engels, D.,Toussaint, F. :
Optically Luminous QSOs Observed with ROSAT
A&A 296, L49

Wolff, B., Jordan, S., Bade, N., Reimers, D. :
ROSAT Pointed Observations of Four X-ray Bright DA White Dwarfs
A&A 294, 183

Bade, N., Fink, H. H., Engels, D., Voges, W., Hagen, H.-J., Wisotzki,L., Reimers, D. :
AGN from the ROSAT All-Sky-Survey
A&AS 110, 469

Year 1994:

Bade, N., Fink, H. H., Engels, D. :
New X-ray Bright BL Lacertae Objects from the ROSAT All-Sky-Survey
A&A 286, 381

Bade, N., Schaeidt, S. :
X-ray Loud AGN with Optical Starburst or Seyfert 2 Properties
IAU Symposium no. 159, 365

Year 1992:

Bade, N., Dahlem, M., Engels, D., Reimers, D., Voges, W. :
Identification of ROSAT AGN on Objective Prism Plates
MPI fuer Extraterrestrische Physik, X-Ray-Emission from Active Galactic Nuclei and
the Cosmic X-Ray Background, p. 377-382

Bade, N., Engels, D., Fink, H. H., Hagen, H.-J., Reimers, D., Voges, W., Wisotzki, L. :
ROSAT Active Galactic Nuclei Identified on Objective Prism Plates
A&A 254, 21

Year 1989:

Bade, N., Hagen, H.-J., Reimers, D. :
Fast Classification of ROSAT Sources on Objective Prism Plates
ESA, The 23rd ESLAB Symposium on Two Topics in X Ray Astronomy.Volume 2: AGN and the X-Ray Background, p. 883-884

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