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The Hamburg/RASS Catalogue of Optical Identifications

30.May 2003: Catalogue Version 3.0 released 17.Dezember: Online Query

We present the Hamburg/RASS Catalogue of Optical Identifications (HRC) of optical identifications of X-ray sources at high-galactic latitude. The HRC includes all X-ray sources from the ROSAT Bright Source Catalogue (RASS-BSC) with galactic latitude |b| >= 30 degree and declination delta >= 0 degree. In this part of the sky covering ~10000 deg^2 the RASS-BSC contains 5341 X-ray sources.

For the optical identification we used blue Schmidt prism and direct plates taken for the northern hemisphere Hamburg Quasar Survey (HQS) which are now available in digitized form. The limiting magnitudes are 18.5 and 20, respectively. For 82% of the selected RASS-BSC an identification could be given. For the rest either no counterpart was visible in the error circle or a plausible identification was not possible. With ~42% AGN represent the largest group of X-ray emitters, ~31% have a stellar counterpart, whereas galaxies and cluster of galaxies comprise only ~4% and ~5%, respectively. In ~3% of the RASS-BSC sources no object was visible on our blue direct plates within 40 arcsec around the X-ray source position. The catalogue is used as a source for the selection of (nearly) complete samples of the various classes of X-ray emitters.
blank field1552.9%
galaxy cluster2624.9%
M star1973.7%
white dwarf450.8%
K star1412.6%
F-G star450.8%
bright stars121922.8%
no spectrum1943.6%
statistics of the identifications

Collaborators: D. Engels,D. Reimers, W. Voges(MPE-Garching),F.-J.Zickgraf
Former collaborators: N.Bade, L.Cordis, H.Landt

For more Information please contact:    dengels@hs.uni-hamburg.de

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