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Active Galactic Nuclei in the RASS

X-ray astronomy became topic of research in Hamburg with the launch of the ROSAT satellite in 1990. A larger effort undertaken is the identification of ROSAT sources on Schmidt plates of the Hamburg Quasar Survey. Other projects involve follow-up observations of selected X-ray sources with ROSAT and optical telescopes.


  Current X-ray satellites:


  Diploma Theses:

 2003 S.Nehls Spectral energy distribution of X-ray emitting Quasars
 2000 R.Keil Narrow-line Seyfert-1-Galaxies in the ROSAT All-Sky-Survey
 1997 H.Landt The Unidentified X-ray Sources of the Hamburg/RASS Catalogue
D. Nagel Search for High-Redshift QSOs in the RASS
 1996 V. Beckmann The X-ray Spectral  Slope of AGN in the ROSAT All-Sky-Survey
K. Lorenzen X-ray Properties of FeII- Rich  AGN
  F. Tesch Large Scale Structure Studies with ROSAT-AGN
 1995 P. Nass Search for BL Lac Objects in the RASS

  PhD Theses:

 2003  H.Landt The Classification of Blazars
 2000  V. Beckmann Evolutionary behaviour of AGN: Investigations on BL Lac objects and Seyfert II galaxies
 2000  F. Tesch The spatial distribution of soft X-ray selected AGNs at low redshifts
 1998  P. Nass Environmental Studies of AGN from the ROSAT All-Sky Survey
 1993  N. Bade  Properties of X-ray Selected AGN Identified on Objective Prism Plates

Collaborators: D. Engels,  D. Reimers,  F.-J. Zickgraf,  R. Keil, S. Nehls
Former Collaborators: N.Bade, V. Beckmann,  L.Cordis, H. Landt,  P.Nass, J.Studt, F.Tesch
For more information please contact: D. Engels

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