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The different applications of the Hamburg Quasar Survey use the digitized data base of low-resolution spectra. After the selection of candidates a high-resolution scan for final classification is required. The export of the digitized data base of low-resolution spectra is therefore not planned. Use of the database is however possible in collaboration with Hamburg astronomers. A catalogue of the plates taken in the course of this survey is available, containing the plate centers, observing epochs etc. Also a description of the catalogue is provided. The plates are currently scanned in full resolution. As of 2003 a server to access the full resolution scans via Internet will be provided.

The digitized database of low-resolution spectra is currently used for the following projects:

Quasars :

Search for high-redshift, UV-bright QSO
Hamburg/CFA Bright Quasar Survey

X-ray Astronomy :

Optical identifications of the ROSAT All-Sky Survey

Emission-Line Galaxies :

Hamburg/SAO Survey for Emission-line Galaxies
Heidelberg Void Survey

Stars :

White dwarfs & subdwarfs
Cataclysmic variables

Collaborators: D. Engels,  H.-J. Hagen,  D. Reimers, 
For more information please contact:H.-J. Hagen

Wednesday, 26-Mar-2003 16:09:31 CET | R. Mandrysch, D. Engels