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White Dwarfs and Subdwarfs

Hot stars are easily distinguished on objective prism plates by their UV excess and sometimes by their strong Balmer absorption lines. They are a valuable byproduct of objective prism quasar surveys.
Template Spectra
White Dwarf (DA5, B=15,9)
Subdwarf (sdO, B=15.2)


Edelmann,H.; Heber, U.; Hagen, H.-J.; Lemke, M.; Dreizler, S.; Napiwotzki, R.; Engels, D. (2003):
Spectral analysis of sdB stars from the Hamburg Quasar Survey

Homeier, D.; Koester, D.; Hagen, H.-J.; Jordan, S.; Heber, U.; Engels, D.; Reimers, D.; Dreizler S. (1998):
An analysis of DA white dwarfs from the Hamburg Quasar Survey

Individual Objects

Jordan, S.; Koester, D.; Vauclair, G.; Dolez, N.; Heber, U.; Hagen, H.-J.; Reimers, D.; Chevreton, M.; Dreizler, S. (1998):
HS 0507+0434: a double DA degenerate with a ZZ Ceti component

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On the hot ends of the white dwarf spectral sequences: Hot white dwarfs containing helium from the Hamburg Schmidt Survey

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Discovery and analysis of a hydrogen-rich PG 1159 star

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Ultra-high excitation features in hot white dwarfs: A DAO and three discovered by the Hamburg Schmidt Survey

Heber, U.;Moehler, S.; Groote, D. (1995):
HS 1914+7139: a rapidly rotating massive B-star far away from the galactic plane

Werner, K.; Dreizler, S.; Heber, U.; Rauch, T.; Wisotzki, L.; Hagen, H.-J. (1995):
Discovery of two hot DO white dwarfs exhibiting ultrahigh-excitation absorption lines.

Dreizler, S.; Werner, K.; Jordan, S.; Hagen, H. (1994):
A "cool" PG 1159 star discovered by the Hamburg Schmidt Survey: NLTE analysis of HS 0704+6153

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HS 0209+0832: A DAB white dwarf with a temperature fitting into the DB gap

Hagen, H.-J.; Groote, D.; Engels, D.; Haug, U.; Toussaint, F.; Reimers, D. (1987):
Discovery of a magnetic DA white dwarfs with distinct Hβ and Hα Zeeman triplets

Collaborators: D. Engels,  H.-J. Hagen,  S. Dreizler, U. Heber, S. Jordan, D. Koester, D. Reimers 
For more information please contact:H.-J. Hagen

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