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Search For High-Redshift, UV-Bright QSO

The primary aim of the wide-angle Hamburg quasar Survey was the search of bright quasars (B < 17.0). They are used to study the intergalactic matter, which reveals itself by numerous absorption lines in optical quasar spectra.

Individual Objects

Hagen, H.-J.; Reimers, D. (2000):
HS 0818+1227: discovery of a new double gravitationally lensed QSO

Lopez, S.; Hagen, H.-J.; Reimers, D. (2000):
HST spectroscopy of the double QSO HS 1216+5032 AB

Reimers, D.; Hagen, H.-J.; Rodriguez-Pascual, P.; Wisotzki, L. (1998):
Detection of further UV-bright high-redshift QSOs

Reimers, D.; Hagen, H.-J. (1998):
HS 1543+5921 - A bright z=0.807 QSO in the center of the 'Seyfert' galaxy SBS 1543+593

Hagen, H.-J.; Hopp, U.; Engels, D.; Reimers, D. (1996):
HS 1216+5032: a new double QSO separated by 9"

Reimers, D.; Hopp, U.; Clavel, J.; Chini, R.; Dahlem, M.; Engels, D.; Fink, H.; Hagen, H.-J.; Heber, U.; Schramm, K.-J.; Wamsteker, W.; Wisotzki, L. (1995):
Multiwavelength observations of the bright QSO HS 0624+6907

Reimers, D.; Rodriguez-Pascual, P.; Hagen, H.-J.; Wisotzki, L. (1995):
Discovery of three UV-bright z>2 quasars

Reimers, D.; Bade, N.; Schartel, N.; Hagen, H.-J.; Engels, D.; Hopp, U. (1995):
Optically luminous QSOs observed with ROSAT

Hagen, H.-J.; Cordis, L.; Engels, D.; Groote, D.; Haug, U.; Heber, U.; Koehler, Th.; Wisotzki L.; Reimers, D. (1992):
HS 1946 + 7658 - The most luminous QSO so far

Groote, D.; Heber, U.; Jordan, S. (1989):
Discovery of two bright low-redshift quasars by the Hamburg Quasar Survey

Collaborators: D. Engels,  H.-J. Hagen,  D. Reimers, 
For more information please contact: H.-J. Hagen

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