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Hamburg Objective Prism Sky Surveys - Online Access

The server handling the Hamburg Objective Prism Sky Surveys gives access to the digitized data of the Hamburg Quasar Survey and of the Hamburg/ESO Survey (HES). The server provides two-dimensional images in FITS-, JPEG, Postscript and PDF-Format.

The area currently covered by the digitized HQS is restricted in declination to 0 < δ < 80° and in galactic latitude to |b| > 20°. In case that the chosen region appears on several plates compressed images are displayed, from which a high-resolution image can be selected. For the HES similar restrictions apply.

Please enter a position and an image size. The image size is restricted to 15 arc min (4.4 Mb). Because of the length of a spectrum a minimum size of 240 arc sec (HQS) and 600 arc sec (HES) is recommended.

Coordinates: R.A. : (hh mm ss) Dec. : (±dd mm ss)
Coordinate System: J2000 B1950
Image Size: Size (arcseconds)
Output format:

Catalogue of template objective prism spectra  (HQS only)

Collaborators: N. Christlieb,  D. Engels,  D. Groote,  H.-J. Hagen,  D. Reimers,  L. Wisotzki, 
For more information please contact:  D. Engels

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