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The Hamburg Observatory as an institute is part of the Department of Physics at the University of Hamburg.
The fields of research of the several research groups cover a wide range of scientific fields, from astroparticles to cosmology.

investigating-the-puzzle-of-cosmic-magnetism-with-supercomputing On the last  September our group published the first results of a numerical investigation on the origin about the magnetisation of the Cosmic Web, that we conducted producing challenging magneto-hydrodinamical simulations on Piz Daint at CSCS (F. Vazza, M. Brüggen, C. Gheller, P. Wang, 2014, MNRAS) These results were also presented in a press-release by CSCS/ETH.  Why the magnetic field in galaxies and galaxy clusters is so "high" (a few microGauss, i.e. hundreds of thousands time smaller than the magnetic field intensity on the surface of Earth) as we observe it through telescopes is a puzzle since decades. Such fields are usually observed across gigantic scales of millions of lightyears, and display chaotic patterns as if...